Authoritative recognition! NOVA Technology was awarded the "Guangdong Intelligent Cloud Access and Cloud Interconnect Engineering Technology Research Center" by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology.


On March 28, 2023, NOVA Technology held the unveiling ceremony of the "Guangdong Intelligent Cloud Access and Cloud Interconnect Engineering Technology Research Center". Chairman and General Manager Mr. Chen Shulin and CTO Mr. Lu Ziyi jointly unveiled the nameplate.

The Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center is an important carrier for establishing a technological innovation system that is enterprise-centered, market-oriented, and deeply integrated with industry, academia, and research. Focusing on the requirements of the province's implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, it relies on the scientific and technological strength of the province's industries and fields. Innovative enterprises above designated size establish engineering technology research centers. Applicants must have strong R&D innovation capabilities, technical testing capabilities, profitability, and the ability to transform scientific research results.

Obtaining this recognition reflects the recognition of NOVA Technology’s technological innovation and R&D strength by the provincial and municipal science and technology authorities. This has also become a strong support for NOVA Technology to shoulder its social responsibilities and help build a network power and digital China.

1. R&D first, constantly seeking technological breakthroughs

After more than two decades of continuous accumulation, NOVA Technology has made many breakthroughs in the field of cloud-network integration and formed an intellectual property system with SD-WAN technology as the core. It has applied for 6 invention patents in related technical fields, obtained 55 software copyrights, won national high-tech enterprise qualifications and other qualifications, and passed quality management system, information security management system, and information technology service management system certifications.

In 2021, NOVA Technology established a research institute, including 14 people with master's or doctorate degrees and many years of development experience in the field of software-defined networks. NOVA Technology continues to invest in research and development funds and has organized dozens of research and development projects in recent years, all of which are independently developed by the company.

In recent years, NOVA Technology has achieved a number of key technological breakthroughs, such as real-time link detection technology, routing technology, security encryption technology, data compensation technology in weak network environments, etc., which has effectively improved the company's capabilities in software-defined networks and cloud network integration. Market competitiveness in services and technology areas.

With its self-developed SD-WAN services, NOVA Technology has obtained relevant patent certificates and multiple industry awards. At the same time, NOVA Technology is one of the first companies in the industry to be shortlisted for the SD-WAN operation capability building assessment, and the first batch to pass the authoritative test of "SD-WAN Ready 2.0" of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and has become the key to "SD-WAN network quality and service capabilities". An important participating unit in the construction of "Indicator System".

2. Achievements transformation, diversified products enable digital upgrading of enterprises

In addition to continuing to focus on research and development, NOVA Technology also attaches great importance to the transformation of scientific research results. It not only formed relevant intellectual property rights, but also successfully transformed a number of scientific research results.

The enterprise private network provided by NOVA Technology is moving from cloud-network collaboration to a new stage of cloud-network integration. It uses the network to bring the cloud, realizes the extension of the network to the cloud, and makes full use of its comprehensive advantages in network, cloud and services to provide enterprises with Provide cloud-network integrated comprehensive solutions. NOVA Technology's SD-WAN, SASE and other series of products have provided effective empowerment for the digital upgrade of various industries and fields.

In 2022, NOVA Technology relied on its self-developed SD-WAN service with industry advantages to help luxury car dealer group Lei Shing Hong achieve refined management of digital empowerment. Faced with the challenges of complex networking scenarios and difficulty in ensuring security, NOVA Technology not only solved the above problems in a short time but also significantly reduced costs with the help of an efficient service model of cloud-network integration.

3. Innovation continues, explore network boundaries with SASE

Driven by remote office, cloud data protection, enterprise digital transformation and security construction policies, the construction of edge security is imperative. The new network architecture SASE is expected to become the mainstream model for network boundary security.

NOVA Technology quickly carries out the application deployment of related products and services, creating a "single supplier SASE solution" that integrates "cloud + network + security", which can effectively protect the network of remote users and devices in different locations and environments. Stability and security, but also simpler and lower cost.

Not only that, NOVA Technology has also established a SOC security operation center to empower the security capabilities of SASE in the traditional NOC network operation center and conduct systematic management of products, services, and operation and maintenance. This not only solves network performance issues, but also enables timely detection and response to security threats.

In the future, NOVA Technology will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, strengthen technology research and development, and help more companies move toward digitalization and intelligence in the cloud computing era.