Point-to-Point Ethernet

The end-to-end dedicated bandwidth service has high flexibility and the highest physical layer network security functions, allowing customers to easily manage WAN and application links with high bandwidth requirements. The transmission protocol is transparent, the physical layer is isolated, the bandwidth is guaranteed, and point-to-point data dedicated line services are provided. Provide global fast network access connections for corporate customers, and provide efficient, stable, safe and reliable comprehensive ICT one-stop-shop solutions through dedicated lines to meet the demanding network quality requirements of enterprises.

Core Advantages

High Security

Security is achieved through the combination of "routing isolation" and "VLAN" technologies, establishing independent tunnels for different user nodes, and using VLAN technology to isolate user data, achieving the same security as DPLC

High Reliability

Nova NOVAnet is carried on the optical transmission networks of many basic telecom operators. It can automatically identify and detour, has extremely powerful network self-healing functions, and has high network reliability/availability.

Economical Networking and Easy Maintenance

Users only need to pay the network fee for local dedicated line communication to obtain the data transmission effect of long-distance dedicated line communication, which greatly reduces user network operating costs in terms of line fees, equipment fees, management fees, etc.

Service Quality Assurance

Through high-speed forwarding of IP data packets, delay and jitter are reduced, network throughput is increased, and network service quality is greatly improved. And provide service level agreements (SLA) that meet users' actual network needs.

Integration of Multiple Businesses

Make full use of network quality of service (QoS) and service level (CoS) technologies to provide the best operating environment for data, voice, and video applications in user application systems to achieve a "multi-service, manageable" IT presentation.

Multiple User Access Methods

User nodes can access the NOVA NOVAnet backbone network through Ethernet, SDH, optical fiber and other methods to form a business private network that meets user needs.

Application Scenarios

It can carry users' rich application business information systems and use complete QoS technology to accelerate and optimize application systems. Reduce network construction costs and enhance network performance.

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