NOVA Technology was invited to attend the "2023 Computing and Network Integration Industry Development Summit" of the Academy of Information and Communications Technology


On July 12, the "2023 Computing and Network Integration Industry Development Summit" grandly opened in Beijing. Hundreds of experts and celebrities in the field followed the trends of the times and discussed the development model of computing and network integration around hot technologies such as SD-WAN, IPv6+, edge computing, and zero trust, further gathering consensus on the development of computing and network integration, and accelerating the development process of computing and network integration. .

Yin Ge, product and marketing director of NOVA Technology, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a speech titled "Analysis of Edge Computing Architecture and Industry Cases of NOVA Technology" at the main forum. He shared the market status and development trends of edge computing, introduced the service architecture and application scenarios of NOVA Technology's edge computing, and gave a detailed interpretation of related concepts based on specific cases.


The compound growth rate from 2021 to 2026 will reach 23.1%

Current status of edge computing service market

Inge first shared the current status of the edge computing service market. The latest "China Edge Cloud Market Tracking Research, 2022H2" report released by International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that in the second half of 2022, China's edge cloud market size totaled 4.60 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 53.5%; among which, edge public cloud services, The market sizes of edge dedicated cloud services and edge cloud solutions have reached 2.32 billion yuan, 6.7 billion yuan, and 1.61 billion yuan respectively; from 2021 to 2026, the overall compound annual growth rate of China's edge computing server market size will reach 23.1%, higher than the global 22.2%. Internet audio and video distribution based on edge resources, lightweight migration to the cloud for local users, edge security requirements, exploration and deployment of cloud gaming solutions, security surveillance video storage and view computing are the core driving forces of the market.

It can be seen that the value of edge computing has been recognized on a wider scale. The industry is accelerating business model exploration and supply chain capability integration, improving the standardization and generalization of service capabilities, and promoting the large-scale application of edge computing infrastructure and solutions.


Low latency, heterogeneous compatibility, open platform

NOVA Technology Edge Computing Service Architecture

Ying Ge said: "NOVA Technology is a company with a background in network operations. The original intention of doing edge computing is very simple. It is to bring computing power closer to users and minimize the delay for customers to access edge computing."

NOVA Technology has rich backbone network resources all over the world. As of now, it has 70+ self-owned nodes around the world, and will achieve faster growth in the next two years. It is based on these backbone network resources that NOVA Technology has built all computing power into edge computing nodes, forming a unified cloud management platform so that customers can enjoy a consistent service experience.

NOVA Technology's edge computing allows customers to obtain ultra-low latency network experience, and can control the latency within 10~15ms; it is also compatible and open, and has an open architecture on the underlying virtual technology stack. Customers want to deploy any The virtual cloud technology stack can easily migrate the underlying architecture; it can also integrate third-party platforms such as cloud disaster recovery and security to meet industry needs.

In addition, NOVA Technology has also integrated high-quality Internet resources globally to ensure that customers can quickly access large network and edge computing resources in the last mile.



NOVA Technology edge computing application scenarios

An important application scenario of NOVA Technology's edge computing is NOVACLOUD SASE, which is an integrated cloud network security solution released by NOVA Technology in May this year. Ying Ge introduced: “Based on NOVA Technology’s SD-WAN architecture, we have deployed security resource pools at POP points and terminals, placing security attributes on the edge, allowing more customers to purchase security services in the cloud. . This is a very typical edge computing application, and our biggest customer is ourselves. We can deploy network and security at the edge, and ultimately serve our customers in a one-stop service."

In addition to its industry-leading networking capabilities, NOVACLOUD SASE is more prominent in its zero-trust solution, which emphasizes a borderless security strategy and can monitor behaviors and relationships and threats to data at any time. At present, NOVA Technology has launched a zero-trust client-NOVACLOUD Xinglian. Inge believes: "Zero trust is the ultimate form of network and security development." In addition, based on zero trust, NOVA Technology has developed an SDK that can be embedded in terminal devices such as the Internet of Things and the Internet of Vehicles, and can help things Lightweight access to endpoint security and access for connected industries.

In terms of security capabilities, NOVACLOUD SASE integrates powerful security signature database data, supports 30 million+ virus customer data and 7000+ application identification libraries, and already has complete signature database information when subscribing to basic security components. Subsequent subscriptions to advanced security The component only needs to enable the corresponding license function. In addition, NOVACLOUD SASE executes security policies through behavior management components (including URL filtering, file filtering and content filtering).


Empowering the media industry

NOVA Technology edge computing application scenarios

Currently, cloud computing is accelerating the digital transformation process in the media and entertainment industry. The role of NOVA Technology's edge computing in empowering the media industry is very obvious, and it can solve the pain points of slow rendering speed and low efficiency in film and television production.

The special effects rendering and post-production synthesis of film and television are very computationally intensive. Modeling, animation processing, image integration, and light rendering all require a large amount of computing power. Through edge computing's shortest-latency connection, NOVA Technology can help customers put the rendering engine on NOVA Technology's edge computing. Using NOVA Technology's computing resources greatly improves rendering efficiency and saves costs and artists' time. time.

In addition, NOVA Technology's edge computing has been applied in various industries such as finance, technology, real estate, and manufacturing, and has received high praise from customers. Ying Ge said: "In addition to continuing to promote the deep integration of network + computing, NOVA Technology has achieved a transformation into the security field this year. In the future, it will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in the field of 'network + computing + security' to help upgrade industrial technology and empower Thousands of industries contribute to my country’s digital construction.”